Royal Djurgården / National City Park

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Haga Park

Haga södra (Solna) or Haga norra (Solna)


Djurgårdsbron (Stockholm)
Frescati (Stockholm)
Stora Skuggans väg (Stockholm)
Skansen (Stockholm)
Rosendalsvägen (Stockholm)
Waldemarsudde (Stockholm)
Blockhusudden (Stockholm)
Djurgårdsbrunn (Stockholm)
Kaknäs (Stockholm)


Ulriksdal Ulriksdals slott, Solna or Ulriksdals wärdshus (Solna)

The Royal Palaces in the National City Park

Visit Rosendal Palace at Djurgården
Visit Ulriksdal Palace in the National City Park
Visit Gustav III's Pavilion in Haga Park


Strömma Kanalbolaget
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Sjömack och Gästhamnskontor 08-716 39 10
Gustafs taxibåt 073-9816770 External link, opens in new window.

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Discover south of Djurgården and Haga Park with an app and audioguide – an interesting and accessible guides to the parks.

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Download maps of north and south Djurgården, Ulriksdal Palace Park and

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Discover more at Royal Djurgården / National City Park

The Royal Djurgården Administration put the area Royal Djurgården, Haga Park, Brunnsviken, Ulriksdal and the Fjäderholm Ilands at the dis...

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"I was glad that you could catch a glimpse of life on Djurgården, that you could see how the majesty of the oak trees depends on people p...

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Situated in Stockholm City and part of the Royal National City Park, Haga Park is one of Sweden's most-visited recreation area.

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The Royal National City Park stretches as far as Ulriksdal, which is home to a royal palace with an extensive palace park.

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The final resting place for several members of the Bernadotte dynasty, including Gustav VI Adolf and Queen Louise, is located on a point ...

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The Fjäderholm Islands are a popular destination both for tourists and Stockholmers, offering archipelago cuisine, handicrafts and culture.

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Articles and movies

This summer, a piece of history that has often been overlooked and taken for granted in our public parks will be on display on Royal Djur...

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From early May, "The King's sheep" graze on Royal Djurgården – a tradition dating back more than a century. Grazing animals are hired in ...

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The artists of this year’s exhibition at Royal Djurgården in Stockholm is Yinka Shonibare CBE. Shonibare’s sculpture will be inaugurated ...

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