Postponed: Concert for a masterpiece

When the Royal Chapel was brought into use in 1754, the chapel's organ was also newly built. Come and hear its fantastic range of tones! We are celebrating with an anniversary concert for this musical masterpiece – the rebuilt Gren & Stråhle organ was rededicated twenty years ago.

Organist Professor Ralph Gustafsson will be performing an exciting, varied programme of music from the period when the original Gren & Stråhle organ was first built: the rhythmically vital, magnificently harmonious and melodically beautiful Baroque.

You will have the chance to appreciate the organ's many nuances and range of tones through the music of composers including Georg Böhm, with his imaginative variations on the German cantata 'Ach wie flüchtig, ach wie nichtig' and the beautiful chorale 'Vater unser im Himmelreich', as well as Johann Sebastian Bach's famous Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

Ralph Gustafsson is Professor Emeritus at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, performing regularly both in Sweden and internationally. In 2011, he was awarded the Gotthard Arnér Scholarship for promoting the art of organ playing. He performed at the concert twenty years ago when the Gren & Stråhle organ was inspected.

Court Organist Mary Ljungquist Hén will welcome attendees to the anniversary concert, including our organ builder Mats Arvidsson.

A recreated masterpiece

The Royal Chapel's 1754 organ, with its seventeen voices, was built by Jonas Gren and Petter Stråhle. The organ was then rebuilt on two occasions, and only Carl Hårleman's original façade structure remained.

At around the same time that the organ in the Royal Chapel was created in the early 1750s, Gren & Stråhle also built an organ for the French Reformed Church in Stockholm. This organ has been preserved at Bunge Church on Gotland, and was of great use in the reconstruction of the Royal Chapel's organ.

Thanks to their eminent expertise, extensive documentation, preserved traces and not least the Gren & Stråhle organ on Gotland, organ builder Mats Arvidsson and organ consultant Carl-Gustaf Lewenhaupt have succeeded in recreating the Royal Chapel's organ – a true masterpiece.


The chapel is on the second floor level, with approximately 25 steps. There are no lifts or ramps.

The Gren & Stråhle organ in the Royal Chapel. Photo: