At home with… kings and queens

Welcome to the home of royalty! Many kings and queens have called the Royal Palace home. Can you find them? Our image hunts for children turn a visit into a voyage of discovery.

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Note! The new image hunt "At home" is available at the Royal Palace from autumn holiday 2021: from 30 October and there after.

The Royal Palace has been home to many royals over the years. They all commissioned various artists to paint or sculpt portraits in which they look particularly regal.

These portraits can still be seen in the rooms of the palace, on the walls and ceilings, and in display cases. Some are tiny miniatures, while others are sculptures standing several metres tall. Here, you can see Queen Kristina, King Karl XI, King Gustav III, Queen Lovisa Ulrika and others. Can you find them all?

Collect an activity sheet from the front desk, and turn a tour of the palace into a journey of discovery. The members of royalty on the sheet can be found in the state rooms, and it's up to you to find their portraits.

Carry out the task by yourself during ordinary opening hours. The activity is suitable for children of all ages. As younger visitors look for the portraits, older visitors can learn about the reigns of kings and queens, and who created their portraits.

Find out more about monarchs

You can find out more about Swedish kings and queens in the list of Swedish monarchs here on the website:

Over the years, many kings and queens have wandered through the rooms of the Palace. They have all left their traces. Click on the image for a larger version.

Even royals wanted to take 'selfies'. Before the camera was invented, these took the form of portraits and sculptures. Naturally, they wanted to look particularly stylish! Here is a regal portrait of Queen Lovisa Ulrika which hangs at the Royal Palace. But where? Photo: Alexis Daflos/

The picture hunt turns a visit into a voyage of discovery through the rooms of the palace. Children can carry out the picture hunt by themselves, and it is included in the admission price. Click on the image for a larger version.


Children's activity trails are available at the Royal Palace, Gripsholm Castle and Drottningholm Palace.

Children can carry out these activities by themselves when accompanied by an adult, and they are included in the ordinary admission price. Free entry for children aged 6 or under.

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Welcome to the home of royalty! Many kings and queens have called the Royal Palace home. Can you find them? Our image hunts for children ...

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