The Thinking Hand

The Thinking Hand is an annual scholarship competition for young draftsmen. The nominated entries are ususal exhibited at the Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities. This year's exhibition will be an online gallery.


The royal palaces will close temporarily

In connection with the current situation regarding the spread of the new coronavirus, HM The King has decided that public operations at the royal palaces should be closed temporarily, read more.

The Thinking Hand – both HM The King's scholarship competition and the exhibition – is an annual collaboration between the Royal Court and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Creative encounters in a classical setting

The entries from around a dozen nominees are displayed each year in a spring exhibition at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Due to the current situation, the exhibition 2020 will be presented here at the website.

About the scholarship

Three of the nominees will receive scholarships, with each receiving SEK 100,000. The aim is to recognise specific knowledge and the interaction between eye and hand, in order to develop thoughts about visual interpretation and to enhance its status.

The competition is open to young draftsmen working with visual interpretation within art, architecture, fashion, design, illustration, games development or other related fields. The competition is being arranged by Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and around a dozen entries will then be displayed in Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The Thinking Hand, both the scholarship competition and the exhibition, will be an annual event.

The competition and the scholarship will be announced in January on:

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts was founded at the Royal Palace of Stockholm in 1735, with the aim of supporting trainee painters, sculptors and architects. More than 280 years later, this aim lives on in the form of the new scholarship fund. The fund was established on The King's birthday in 2016 by Elisabeth and Gustaf Douglas to support young professionals who work with draftsmanship.

The exhibition features nominated entries from H.M. The King's Scholarship Competition for Young Draftsmen. Here, The King is seen at the opening of the 2017 exhibition.

The annual spring exhibition is usual on show at Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities at the Royal Palace. This year's exhibition will be an online gallery at the website. The museum is located in the northeast wing of the palace, offering fine views over the Logården gardens. When we will be able to open the Palace to the public will be announced here at the website.

The competition is advertised on the Royal Academy of Fine Arts' website.


The nominees 2020:
Aron Landahl (b. 84)
Esbjörn Grip (b. 93 )
Felix Vasquez Aguilera (b. 84)
Ingrid Giro (b. 87)
Jesper O.T. Andersson (b. 91)
Joakim Derlow (b. 90)
Kristin Karlsson (b. 88)
Minna Floss (b. 92)
Siri Carlén (b. 86)
Tomas Lundgren (b. 85)

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